she's a professional badass
full name rosalie "rosie" lillian worth comic alias ravager birthdate february 14, 1992 age twenty-seven hometown new york city, ny current residence san francisco, ca occupation bartender at warriors marital status hilarious sexuality kinsey 2

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rosalie worth was never meant to be born, something her mother made abundantly clear over her life. the product of a fast fling between her wildly irresponsible mother and an unknown sperm donor, she was used to seeing herself as her mother's greatest mistake.

despite never truly feeling loved or wanted by her own mother, life wasn't all too terrible in the beginning. thanks to her mother's unconventional life and career choices as an escort, rosie and her mother, lily worth, lived comfortably. lily, however, could never find solance in her many regular clients and frequent admirers despite how successful of a business she ran. rosie was young when lily started abusing drugs. it started out somewhat innocent with days where lily would refuse to get up out of bed or wander around in a drunken or stoned stupor. but, it quickly scaled into something she could not control. before long, lily was abusing anything she could get her hands on. meanwhile, rosie was left much to her own devices, having to learn quickly how to take care of herself without any adult supervision. even when it came time for rosie to start school, thanks to the recommendation and assistance of a wealthier client, lily hired a teacher to homeschool rosie during the day instead of bothering to enroll her in public school to be around other kids her own age. this lack of interaction with anybody but adults with better things to do than spend time with her led to rosie's something cruel and aggressive nature.

life took a serious turn for the worse when lily was ten years old. lily began spending an increasing amount of more time away from their home to party with friends and clients, living lily essentially to fend for herself when she wasn't being taught by a revovling door of homeschool teachers. when lily was home, she was often too drunk or high to care for rosie herself. but, it wasn't until after returning home from a "field trip" to the zoo that rosie and her teacher, mr. wintergreen, found lily passed out on the floor having overdosed on whatever cocktail of substances she had injected. this latest debacle was unfortunately the lost straw in a long line of formal complaints toward lily's fitness as a mother. while rosie wishes she could say that her mother fought to keep custody of her, she didn't even fight as rosie was removed from their home and placed in the foster care system.

for four years, rosie lived in group home after group home, until she was taken in by the madison family, which prompted a move to chicago. during that time, rosie started running with some not so great people who continued to get her into a plethora of trouble. all the resentment rosie held for her mother fueld her need to step farther and farther our of line. she skipped classes, drank, did drugs, shoplifted, anything that would give her the smallest hint of a thrill. the madison's, as kind and understanding as they were, weren't the happiest with rosie's choices in friends and extra circular activites. though, with their unwaivering support and constant perstering, rosie managed to graduate from high school a fairly average student.

college had never been in the cards for rosie, but promptly after graduation she moved out of the madison's home and across the country to san francisco and a tiny studio apartment. while she isn't exactly proud of the things she's had to do over the years to keep a roof over her head and food in her belly, it's a life.
quick facts
one started training in muy thai in her teen years as a way to curb her aggression from her life, a skill that has come in handy over the years. two always carries a knife on her. three is a serious flirt with a mouth that gets her in more trouble than her actions. four always chooses dare. five has an undiagnosed genetic disorder that causes her hair to come in white (without pigment), dyes her hair to hide this.
comic verse

- mother's name is lilian worth.
- was homeschooled.
- limited vision in her left eye due to an accident.
- is an adrenaline junkie.
- is proficient in with some weapons and fighting styles thanks to years of training to combat her aggression and anger.
- tends to react aggressively and violently, waivers between good and bad.
- adopted by the madison family at age 14.
locked incentives
- enchanced mental capacities: rose is capable of mastering any skill upon her first attempt. she can pick up complicated skills quickly and retain them.
- perfect recall: rose can perfectly remember and instantly recall everything that she have ever experienced, encountered or learned in her lifetime. she needs only to read, hear or see something once and she will never forget it. her mind has unlimited storage capacity for any and all kinds of memories and knowledge without any burden. she is able to instantly recall and cross-correlate any and all information she has stored with perfect clarity without the typical human pause for thought.
- eidetic kinesthesia: rose is able to duplicate any physical act, after seeing it done once, by anyone. she can also perform subtle muscle movements, with flawless accuracy and precision, subsequent to observation. therefore, rose can can perform any physical act without difficulty.
- regeneration: rose will automatically heal from nearly any physical wound.
- enhanced agility.
- enhanced reflexes.
- enhanced speed.
- enhanced stamina.
- enhanced strength.
- future probability cognition: rose's mind intuitively catalogs an infinite number of details and information, and assembles those details into flawlessly accurate probability assessments, allowing her to perceive the probability of events happening Using this ability, rose can intuitively plan, analyze, and take action with absolute efficiency without conscious thought or effort, always executing the optimal solution automatically in any situation. Thus allowing her to always intuitively understand what's going to happen and how to deal with it.
- martial arts (hand to hand combat [advanced]
- swordsmanship.

- ravager suit
- twin swords
- glock 17
out of character
played by shay mitchell.
timezone + ways of contact mst. screened post.
writing style + preferences third person, past tense, storybook. threading and customs friendly.